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Ellie Coast is a singer-songwriter from Leeds specialising in the fusion of Jazz, Soul and Pop. She gained her BA in Jazz in 2014 and has since been gigging regularly across the UK.

With support act Dave Pilla.


Dave Pilla

“Elevated beyond his peers, Pilla achieves something that his more mainstream alternatives simply cannot; a hand reaches out and takes yours every time you press play on his album. There is an undeniable sense of belonging to his music, as if every track was written for you alone…” The Bubble


Ellie Coast

“I was feeling a bit of Amy Winehouse, I was feeling Sarah Vaughan… You’ve got that execution that you draw the person into your vocal. It’s fabulous…” Mica Paris



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Charlotte is a vibrant sax player from Manchester. After gaining a first class honours degree from Paul McCartney’s prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts she has worked professionally playing solo and in bands around the country.


She has toured the UK, recorded a music video, appeared on the radio and performed at festivals including Manchester International Festival, In the City showcase and The Royal Television Awards. Her playing is soulful and modern and never fails to get rave reviews from impressed audience members!